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PropAssist is a Professional Property Management Services Company established to cater to NRI’s and IT professionals to help them manage their assets well and maximise value.

With our vast experience and domain expertise through a professional team, we undertake asset management of properties (Commercial, Residential and Lands) and maximise the value by professional maintenance, full occupancy and rental management.

We make sure the properties are always rented out with less vacancy periods from our database of desired tenants who are profiled for good financials and background checks.

We provide a personalized hassle free personal single point of contact for each and every asset owner with a professional touch.

We consistently provide foresights and trends in Real Estate through our professional teams there by maximising the asset value and investment options.

  • Managing the entire leasing process and the tenant communication there by enabling our clients save considerable amount of time and cost involved in handling the time consuming process of lettings and tenant management.

    • Coordinate with tenants on the Rent details like duration of the lease contract, Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in rent as per contract, advance rent, TDS deductions etc.
    • Rental Collection and Deposits – Direct deposits from tenant to owners accounts or collecting the cheques and deposit in owners account by our team
    • Regular Property Inspection - A periodic property inspection shall be conducted by our professional maintenance team to check the condition of the property and a detailed property Inspection report would be shared the owner.
    • Inventory Checks - Inventory checks will be made at the time of entry of the tenant into the property.
    • Assist In Minor Repairs and Maintenance, payment of bills and taxes and EB
  • Our professional way of showcasing property on various platforms, ensures prospective tenant would get to know all the features well in advance there by enabling easy and better way of leasing and reduce vacancy cycle. Property Marketing reflects a positive outlook of properties and attracts number of prospective tenants.

    • Professional photo shoot and video of the properties to be listed
    • Inspect and evaluate the property for the potential rental income based on the real time rental market value
    • Social Media Platform (Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.)
    • Newspapers and prints
    • Internal emails to potential tenants from in-house database
    • Brochure and Website listings
  • We provide complete start to end guidance and consulting services in leasing and managing lease expiration and renewals such as legal formalities of legal opinions, lease deed, registration of lease and other paper work.

    • Understanding of clients requirement
    • Organizing primary site visit properties
    • Enabling selection of particular property
    • Sharing of the detailed proposal between owner and tenants
    • Organize meeting of tenant and owner, in person, telephones and emails
    • Lease negotiations
    • Approval of tenant upon the terms and conditions specified by owner
    • Drafting of final agreement
    • Acceptance and signing of agreement by both the parties
  • Periodic and on time maintenance and repairs will keep the properties in excellent condition, there-by enabling better rental values and increase the life of the of the assets and materials. We provide outstanding customer service and technical expertise with best equipment’s and high standard materials including below

    • Plumbing and electrical services
    • Masonry and civil works
    • Carpentry and refurbishments
    • Landscaping and gardening
  • PropAssist has efficient system and process in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments. Collecting payments on time is very crucial to maintaining your cash flow. You will find this particularly important if you have more than one property.

  • We provide regular monitoring of land parcels and plots in a very transparent, genuine and safe way to take care of your property with vigilance and up to date reporting. Service includes:

    • Regular Monitoring of plots to ensure that the plot is free from encroachment.
    • Regular reporting on the status on the cleanliness of the plots.
    • Digital pictures and reports of the plots will be sent.
    • Bases on client’s requirement no. of visits / year can be scheduled